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How Long Can You Store Frozen Eggs?

Learn the answer to the question, “How long can you store frozen eggs?”

Learn the answer to the question, “How long can you store frozen eggs?”Women interested in egg freezing often ask the doctors at our Oklahoma fertility center, “How long can you store frozen eggs?” This is a good question, as women want to understand if they need to use their frozen eggs by a certain time. Because of advances in egg-freezing technology, eggs in frozen storage can safely remain there for a significant amount of time.

How long can you store frozen eggs? It depends on a variety of factors

Thanks to groundbreaking innovations in egg freezing, eggs in frozen storage can remain frozen indefinitely without undergoing a decline in quality. There are several reasons why eggs can remain in storage for such a long time.

Vitrification. Vitrification is the process of flash-freezing eggs. This process involves the dehydration of eggs and then the freezing of eggs to a sub-zero temperature of -196 Celsius. This rapid freezing prevents ice crystals from forming in the eggs.

Frozen eggs maintain their quality. When women ask, “How long can you store frozen eggs?” they’re often wondering if the eggs’ quality will diminish over time. The good news is the frozen eggs will not diminish in quality.

Secure, high-quality lab. Egg freezing at our clinic occurs in a lab overseen by a PhD laboratory director. He is board certified as a High Complexity Laboratory Director. Our state-of-the-art lab has certifications from SART, CLIA and CAP.

The knowledgeable staff at our Oklahoma fertility center is happy to answer any questions women have about eggs in frozen storage.

What happens during the egg-freezing process

When a woman decides to freeze her eggs, our Oklahoma fertility center guides her through the process. An egg-freezing cycle involves the woman taking injectable ovulation induction medications. These medications cause multiple eggs to grow. She receives regular ultrasounds and bloodwork during this time so that the doctor can track the growth of her eggs and her hormone levels.

When the eggs reach an ideal size, the doctor retrieves them during a short procedure and sends them to the lab for freezing. When the woman is ready to use her eggs, she will need to undergo IVF to conceive.

With the support of our leading-edge clinic, women can receive the peace of mind that comes with having eggs in frozen storage. Contact us to learn more about the question, “How long can you store frozen eggs?”