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Pay Your Bill

Make a Payment Online

To make an online payment, you must know your billing account number and the amount that you want to pay prior to starting the payment online process.

Enter the amount that you wish to have charged to your debit/credit card. You are able to edit the amount that you wish to charge on a subsequent page.

Follow the online instructions. Fill out your Customer Id. Your Customer Id is also the Patient Account # off of your statement.

Please DO NOT enter your statement ID#.

If you do not have a statement and you are pre-paying for services, you may enter your Patient Portal ID.

The billing information for your debit/credit card is required. This may or may not be the same as your mailing address. Only your billing address is required.

There is a “Special Notes & Instructions” box if you need to note how the payment needs to be applied. Some examples are “prepayment for surgery”; “prepayment for IVF”; or $160 to my husband’s account and $450 to my account”.

Thank you!