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When Do I Need to See a Fertility Doctor

When do I need to see a fertility doctor? We have answers

When do I need to see a fertility doctor? We have answersOklahoma fertility doctors at our clinic help people learn the answer to the common question, when do I need to see a fertility doctor? Receiving support from a fertility specialist at the right time can increase the chance that a person can overcome any fertility challenges and build a healthy family. Early intervention may also minimize the cost of fertility care, and the stress and confusion experienced by those who wait too long to get answers and treatment.

When do I need to see a fertility doctor?

Certain factors often indicate that a person could benefit from a consultation with a fertility specialist. These factors are signals that a person might be experiencing reproductive challenges that require specialized support.

Women under 35 trying to become pregnant for 12 or more months. According to ASRM, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, healthy women under the age of 35 with no known fertility health issues should see a fertility specialist if they’ve been trying to conceive for a year or more without success.

Women 35 or older trying to become pregnant for six or more months. If a woman 35 or older has been trying to conceive for six or more months without becoming pregnant, ASRM recommends she have a consult with a fertility doctor.

Women with a BMI, or body mass index, that is too high or low. Women who are overweight or underweight could experience an imbalance in reproductive hormones that might disrupt processes such as ovulation.

Certain medical conditions. Women with fertility health challenges, such as sexual dysfunction, amenorrhea or pelvic disease, can benefit from the support of a fertility doctor when they’re ready to build a family.

Egg freezing candidates. Our Oklahoma fertility doctors recommend egg freezing for women in their 20s or early 30s who want to postpone motherhood, those at risk for premature ovarian failure, or women needing to begin certain cancer treatments.

Individuals who meet any of the above criteria should consider scheduling a consultation at our clinic.

Learn what to expect from a fertility consultation at our clinic

When do I need to see a fertility doctor? If you’re unsure, it’s wise to seek the expertise of one of the Oklahoma fertility doctors at our clinic. During your initial consultation, the doctor will review your medical history and learn more about your past attempts to become pregnant and any symptoms you’re currently experiencing.

After learning more about your fertility health, the doctor will discuss evaluations, such as ultrasound or bloodwork, that could help reveal the current state of your fertility health and the treatments you might benefit from. In addition, our clinic can often provide a general overview of what your insurance might cover. With our support, the path to parenthood will become clearer.

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