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Fertility Shot Tips

Discover fertility shot tips that can help make the process much easier

Discover fertility shot tips that can help make the process much easierOur Tulsa fertility clinic provides fertility shot tips that can help women self-administer fertility medications during an IVF, egg donation or egg freezing cycle. Many women find that giving fertility injections to themselves isn’t nearly as uncomfortable as they suspect. This is especially true when using certain techniques. In addition, the needles are much shorter and thinner than most patients anticipate.

Helpful fertility shot tips to use when self-administering medication

Before a patient begins self-administering fertility injections, a nurse at our Tulsa fertility clinic will walk them through each step of the process. Our nurses are also available to answer any questions about injections during the patient’s fertility treatment cycle.

Here are some fertility shot tips the nurses regularly provide.

Administer the shots at the correct time. It’s important patients set a timer to help ensure they administer their medications during the time our clinic suggests. This time is usually in the early evening.

Utilize a quiet, private space. Having privacy when preparing and administering the medications helps the woman concentrate. In addition, the location should be sanitary. Typically, the ideal space is a clean bathroom in the patient’s home.

Sanitize the area and prepare the materials. We suggest patients follow a methodical process when giving fertility injections to themselves. First, they should sanitize the area where they’re preparing the injections, then set out the materials in an organized fashion.

Use ice or a cool pack to numb the injection site. While most women report that the injections just feel like a mild pinch, patients can reduce any discomfort by holding ice or a cold pack on the injection site for about a minute before injecting the medication.

Using these fertility shot tips can simplify the process of giving fertility injections.

We can help you take the next step toward parenthood

The experienced staff at our Tulsa fertility clinic provides leading-edge care to women and men hoping to build a family. When a couple or individual seeks our support, a doctor at our clinic first reviews their medical history. They then work with them to determine the fertility evaluations that can reveal why they’re struggling to conceive.

Next, the doctor helps the patient develop an effective treatment plan that honors the patient’s unique financial and timing needs. This comprehensive fertility care helps many patients bypass a variety of infertility struggles and fulfill the dream of taking home a healthy baby. Contact us for more information about giving fertility injections.