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Tulsa Fertility Center is your partner in fertility information and support

Your fertility doctor serves as a valuable resource as you begin fact-gathering. Our entire team at Tulsa Fertility Center can help equip you with infertility information, addressing every aspect of treatment and fertility financing. We believe that when you feel informed about infertility, you feel better prepared for the journey.

Beginning your fertility education

We regularly add information to the Tulsa Fertility Center website and encourage patients to browse the services pages. Our regular blog posts cover a wide variety of fertility education topics, from what to expect with IVF to deciphering donor services.

The Internet can provide misleading or incorrect infertility information, so be selective in your searches. A trustworthy fertility website is the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM.org). Ask your fertility doctor about patient videos, educational resources and infertility information regarding treatment options that pertain to you. Learning more about your options and which treatments to pursue can minimize stress.

Your options for fertility financing

The cost of IVF can discourage some couples from pursuing fertility treatment. At Tulsa Fertility Center, our knowledgeable office staff can provide helpful information about insurance benefits, fertility financing and options for managing the cost of IVF. Don’t give up hope that you can afford a family. Our fertility doctors believe fertility treatment should be both effective and accessible.

Fertility Financing

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