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Donors and Surrogates

Third party reproduction involves donor and surrogacy options that make parenthood possible

Sometimes, it takes more than two people to conceive a child. This is especially true when it comes to third party reproduction. This term encompasses egg, sperm and embryo donation as well as gestational surrogacy. These advanced fertility treatments allow the team at our Tulsa fertility clinic to give patients more family-building options than just adoption.

When pursuing these types of fertility treatments at Tulsa Fertility Center, Shauna McKinney MD will be your guide. From helping you learn more about these options to holding your hand through the treatment process, you can count on our team to help you welcome a baby.

There are a wide variety of donor and surrogacy options

As you start to explore third party reproduction, you’ll discover that advances in reproductive medicine have given us a wealth of choices when it comes to welcoming a baby.

Egg donation is when a healthy young woman takes fertility medications and undergoes an egg retrieval procedure so that she can donate her eggs to someone else. Most donors are anonymous. However, some patients decide to work with an egg donor who they already know.

Sperm donation involves a healthy man donating his sperm to help an individual or a couple conceive. Sperm donors can also be anonymous or known. Many people decide to select an anonymous donor from a sperm bank because these donors have undergone comprehensive testing and screening.

Tulsa Fertility Center uses donor sperm, however we are not a sperm bank.

Embryo donation is a possibility for people who want to grow their family using embryos from someone else. When patients have more IVF embryos than they need to complete their family, they will sometimes donate their extra embryos to help someone else experience the joy of parenthood.

Gestational surrogacy is when a woman with a healthy uterus carries and delivers a baby for someone who is unable to do it themselves. With this type of surrogacy, the baby is not biologically related to the surrogate. Instead, the baby comes from the intended mother’s egg or an egg from a donor.

Third party reproduction can help a wide variety of patients

It can be overwhelming at first to explore the different donor and surrogacy options. However, the team at our Tulsa fertility clinic can help. Additionally, this list provides a quick overview of the patients who can benefit from each type of third party reproduction.

  • Donor eggs can benefit couples facing female infertility as well as gay couples and single men.
  • Donor sperm is an excellent option for single women, lesbian couples and couples struggling with severe male infertility.
  • Embryo donation can benefit couples who are struggling to conceive for any reason and like the idea of “embryo adoption.”
  • Gestational surrogacy is great for couples who cannot carry a pregnancy due to female fertility or health issues. It can also help gay couples and single men become fathers.

Your fertility doctor will work with you to develop your customized family-building plan, based on your needs, wants, goals and budget. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about donor and surrogacy options.