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Female Infertility

Move past female infertility to motherhood

Our fertility clinic provides expert care and treatment for female infertility. In fact, we’ve provided higher-level care to women from Bentonville to Bartlesville for more than three decades. Identifying the causes of female infertility through testing, analysis and intuition has enabled us to celebrate hundreds of positive pregnancy tests. We specialize in helping female infertility patients become moms.

So you suspect female infertility

Our fertility clinic will begin a consultation with reassurances. Female infertility is more common than you imagine, but it is treatable. Studies show that nearly 80 percent of people who partner with a fertility specialist will go on to get pregnant. That’s good news for the women who visit our fertility clinic. Our experienced reproductive endocrinologists go to extraordinary lengths to find the causes of female infertility, and prescribe the course of treatment that will lead to success.

Common causes of female infertility

Our fertility clinic sees women with hormone problems, blocked tubes or ovarian failure that lead to unsustainable pregnancies. Some of our patients come to us with a clear diagnosis, and others have a combination of factors, or unexplained infertility.

You may present with one of these common causes of female infertility:

To get pregnant:

  1. Your pituitary gland must send proper signals (by way of hormones) to cause the ovaries to release an egg.
  2. The egg then travels to the fallopian tube, where a healthy sperm drills through the protective shell and fertilizes it.
  3. After fertilization, the embryo travels to the uterus, and implants into the uterine lining.

Lifestyle factors, including cigarette smoking, an abnormal body mass index (BMI) and excessive exercise habits can also lead to female infertility.

Female infertility occurs at any stage of the reproductive process. For example, PCOS can cause a hormonal imbalance and disrupt ovulation; and endometriosis, ovarian cysts or uterine fibroids can make it difficult for an embryo to implant.

Fertility treatment for female causes

You have access to a wide variety of options at our fertility clinic, from IUI to IVF. The right treatment depends on your diagnosis and goals for starting a family.

Our fertility clinic provides baseline female infertility treatments such as oral medications to induce ovulation. We also specialized in minimally invasive fertility surgery to treat endometriosis, ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids.

An in-depth conversation with fertility specialists Dr. Shauna McKinney or Alexandra Morton, WHNP, followed by a physical exam, blood testing, and diagnostic imaging, will point us in the right direction.

Your desire to build a family drives us to discover the cause of your female infertility, and fix it. Our fertility clinic has served the women of Tulsa, Bartlesville and Bentonville since 1988, and we look forward to helping you overcome infertility, and experience the joy of pregnancy. Contact our fertility clinic or call us at 918.359.2229.