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How To Be Proactive About Your Fertility

How to Be Proactive About Your Fertility

How to Be Proactive About Your FertilityMaybe you’re a planner. Maybe you’re not. Either way, you may want to create a plan to help you achieve your dreams of a family in the future. A little awareness, a bit of planning, and you’ll be well-informed and ready when you start trying to get pregnant. Our reproductive endocrinologists and staff can advise you about family planning, causes of infertility, fertility testing, and how to optimize your fertility. Here are some tips from our Tulsa fertility clinic to help you be proactive about your fertility.

Learn about the causes of infertility

Several issues cause fertility problems for men and women. When you learn about infertility causes, it helps you determine whether any of those issues could be an issue for you or your partner.

Are you over age 35? Do you have endometriosis? Have you been diagnosed with ovarian cysts or uterine fibroids? If you have had issues with any of the usual causes of female infertility, consult the team at our Tulsa fertility clinic.

Be proactive about your fertility by learning about preserving your fertility

One way to be proactive about your fertility is to think about fertility preservation. If you think you may not want to get pregnant until you are 35 or older, you should consider egg freezing. This preserves your eggs at a younger age when they are healthier, more abundant and more viable, allowing you to conceive when you are ready.

Also, if you or your partner are going to undergo cancer treatment, freezing your eggs or his sperm helps preserve your future fertility. Talk to our team about reasons that fertility preservation may be an option for you to optimize your fertility for the future.

Take steps to optimize your fertility

Before you try to get pregnant, be proactive about your fertility by taking these steps.

  • Make healthy lifestyle choices: quit smoking, and stop taking recreational drugs and drinking alcohol
  • Start taking prenatal vitamins
  • Track your ovulation
  • See your gynecologist for an examination to determine if you have any issues that could be a problem

The team at our Tulsa fertility clinic is here to help you optimize your fertility. We offer consultations, fertility testing and fertility preservation. Contact us for an appointment.