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Is it Time to Consider Donor Eggs?

When should I consider donor eggs in my fertility journey?

When should I consider donor eggs in my fertility journey?Many would-be parents want to have a biological connection to their child. Unfortunately, maternal age, low egg quality and medical treatments such as chemotherapy may make it difficult to proceed with a traditional family-building plan. In some cases, our Tulsa fertility clinic doctors encourage patients to take time to consider donor eggs as an option in their fertility journey.

Who needs to consider donor eggs?

For many patients of our Tulsa fertility clinic, time is of the essence when it comes to beginning or expanding their families. If a couple or individual has trouble conceiving with the female’s eggs, we may suggest moving on to donor eggs. You may want to consider donor eggs in certain situations.

  • Impaired ovulatory function, such as diminished ovarian reserve or premature ovarian failure
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Multiple failed IVF cycles
  • Concerns related to inheritable genetic conditions that could be passed on to a child

The emotional ramifications of using donor eggs

Ultimately, using donor eggs is a very personal decision. In general, most patients find the fertility journey produces strong emotions that may include worry, disappointment and sadness. Making the move to consider donor eggs can amplify these feelings. We believe each couple or individual must weigh the pros and cons of donor eggs, so that they can arrive at a decision that feels right given the specific situation.

How to move forward in your fertility journey

If you are ready to proceed with donor eggs, the first step involves meeting with our medical coordinator to review how donor selection works. Egg donors must meet stringent standards and undergo a rigorous screening process. You and your partner will review the traits of potential donors and select the one who best meets your desired criteria. Once you select an egg donor and determine if you will use fresh or frozen eggs, your doctor will create a detailed treatment plan and explain the next steps.

At our Tulsa fertility clinic, we know that dealing with infertility can take a toll on our patients. Our entire team will walk with you through your fertility journey and offer support as you continue the path to parenthood. Contact our office to learn more about how to tell if it’s time to consider donor eggs or to schedule an appointment.