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Mother’s Day is for Everyone Who Has Love to Give

Trying to Conceive?

At Tulsa Fertility Center, we know that Mother’s Day can be a difficult holiday for women who are trying to conceive. However, the holiday we celebrate today is not really the one that Anna Jarvis, the woman who founded the commemoration in the United States in 1908, intended it to be.

After nursing her ailing mother for several years, Anna Jarvis created Mother’s Day as a spiritual day of celebration to honor the love and care that mothers and women provide every day. Years later, Anna Jarvis condemned the commercialization of the holiday.

This year, Tulsa Fertility Center suggests that we ignore the commercial aspects and take back the holiday by celebrating the love and devotion that motherhood represents, things we all have to give in abundance.

As someone trying to conceive and struggling with infertility, here are some ways to celebrate the holiday by giving your love and your time to others:

  • Visit a Tulsa-area nursing home and spend time with some women who are alone on the holiday. They will appreciate your company, and you will bring them great joy.
  • Spend time visiting with patients at a veteran’s hospital who do not have their own mothers close by on the holiday. The Tulsa Vet Center is at 14002 E. 21st Street.
  • If you cannot celebrate with your own mother, think of women who have given you love and support (a teacher, a mentor, a friend), and celebrate the contributions they have made to your life.

You can also celebrate the love and devotion you and your spouse share on this day:

  • Spend the day outside with a picnic, instead of fighting the crowds at restaurants.
  • Spend time together at a spa, enjoying the perks of being pampered together.
  • If you have pets, take them someplace special or spend extra time enjoying them. Biscuit Acres at Hunter Park is on 91st. Street South between Sheridan and Yale.

Don’t forget to celebrate yourself while you’re at it. You are expending an abundance of time, love and devotion on your goal of getting pregnant and being a mother. There are many ways that we become mothers in this day and age, and they are all equally wonderful. They all lead us to our main goal, as well as the real reason for Mother’s Day—a joyous celebration of love.

If you are trying to conceive and would like to partner with caring, compassionate fertility doctors, contact our Tulsa fertility center here.