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Hyperandrogenism or excess male hormones is a very common cause of infertility in women

Many women with excess male hormones have problems with irregular periods, acne, oily skin and excess hair growth. A common cause of hyperandrogenism is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), where the ovaries produce excesses of male hormones and do not ovulate regularly. This condition is also a common cause of infertility.

If adrenal abnormalities have been ruled out, treatment of excess hair growth is usually hormonal. In patients with PCOS, a new technique known as “ovarian drilling” is used to reduce the number of cysts in the ovary that are producing the excess hormone. This procedure allows the patient to have normal ovarian function and regular periods. The symptoms of excess hair growth, oily skin, acne and other manifestations of excess males can be controlled with hormone therapy.

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