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Affording Fertility Care

We help with affording fertility care

The team at our Tulsa fertility clinic has one goal: helping you create your family. Babies are a priceless blessing in everyone’s lives, but many people believe that fertility care comes at a price that is higher than they can manage. Please don’t give up on your dreams until you explore the many fertility financing options available. Most of the time, affording fertility care is a matter of research and perseverance.

Get rid of your preconceptions before you look into your options

When you listen to people’s stories about fertility treatment, you may feel discouraged and unable to imagine how the average person pays for things like IVF. Try to forget about what you’ve heard and investigate the facts. Here are a few misconceptions about affording fertility care.

  • My insurance won’t cover treatment. Many policies do not cover fertility treatment, but more and more are beginning to provide partial or full coverage options. In some states, coverage is mandated by law in certain situations. You can also talk to the human resources team at your workplace to suggest that they add this benefit.
  • A bank won’t lend me money for treatment. There are banks, credit unions, lenders and many other options where you can get money to help pay for your care.
  • Infertility medications are too expensive and always out-of-pocket costs. Pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies may offer discounts, making the medications cost-effective. And, fertility medications are not always out-of-pocket expenses, so find out what your policy covers.
  • I can’t get a loan, so I have no other options. Patients can apply for grants and scholarships from a variety of sources.

There are a variety of fertility financing options

Many people who need to pay for fertility treatment rely on credit cards. While this is one option, it may be a costly one due to high interest rates and payment deadlines. Once you start to research affording fertility care, you will see that there are several options to help you pay for treatment at our Tulsa fertility clinic.

Our fertility team believes that every couple deserves the opportunity to receive the necessary treatment to address their fertility issues. We have teamed up with Prosper Healthcare Lending and ARC Fertility to help provide you with fertility financing options.

It also pays to get creative in gathering the funds to get the care you need.

  • Talk to your family to see if they can lend or gift you money.
  • Talk to your bank about a home equity credit line or loan.
  • Try crowdsourcing to fund part of your expenses.
  • Consider taking a second job to help save money – especially one with fertility benefits.
  • Go to Fertility Treatment Scholarships and Grants | (resolve.org) and look at the options listed there.

Talk to the team at our Tulsa fertility clinic about affording fertility care

Remember, your finances don’t need to get in the way of your dreams of creating a family. Talk to us about fertility financing options and other creative approaches for affording fertility care. Contact us for an appointment.